Our trade

FETROT INDUSTRY manufactures your mechanical turning, milling, welding and sub-assembly parts, with a collection of over 30 machine tools including:

  • 10 Digital single and dual spindle control lathes: 40 mm - 480 mm diameter, in chuck or bar machining, with or without robotic loading.
  • 12 horizontal double palette machining centers: from 100 X 100 mm to 1000 X 1000 mm
  • 4 vertical machining centers: 100 X 100 mm to 800 X 400 mm
  • 2 Saws: from 30 mm to 410 mm


The machine shop is equipped with two 3.2 ton cranes, serving the entire workshop. Machining centers are equipped with heavy-part loading cranes, to facilitate operators' work and allowing us to work in 2 X 8 or 3 X 8 hour shifts.

The mechanized welding workshop is equipped with 8 TIG - MIG welding stations, including 2 robotic cells for medium and large series, 1700 X 900 mm, maximum weight 400 kg.

We have the capability to weld pieces from 100 grams to 2 tons.

We make our own assemblies, design and manufacturing, to undertake forging, foundry, profiles, and welded assemblies. This is the strength of FETROT INDUSTRY.

Our study office allows us to provide you with key solutions with our partners for the production of your sub-assemblies.